VARIUS LED Grow Lighting System

Barron Lighting’s modular horticulture lights are comprised of a series of single LED bars, each utilizing their own spectral distribution.

The VARIUS LED grow lighting system from Barron Lighting Group, the parent company to Growlite indoor and greenhouse horticultural lighting, is comprised of a series of single LED bars, each utilizing their own unique spectral distribution. It features solutions for standard or pallet rack growing, offering the light quality and performance for any mounting application.grow lighting system

“Barron Lighting Group is excited to announce the addition of the VARIUS LED Series to our family of horticultural lighting solutions,” said Heather McCune, Vice President, Sales Operations of Barron Lighting Group. “The VARIUS allows growers to create a customized growing experience with the use of convenient magnet mounts and three light spectrums that can be used individually or together during any stage of plant growth.”

grow lighting systemEach VARIUS LED bar is supplied with a pre-wired, on-board driver and quick-connect cable system. Powerful magnets allow the grow lighting system to attach directly to pallet rack frames for easy adjustment of bar spacing to customize light intensity and uniformity. Full, red, and blue-focused spectrums offer growers a powerful light for any stage of plant growth. Combining two or more spectrums increases intensity and spectral quality beyond the capability of standard fixed-spectrum fixtures.

The VARIUS RED emits a strong red spectrum with enhanced red and far red energy. The red to far red ratio combined with the proper blue to far red ratio emits a spectrum that greatly enhances flowering growth.grow lighting system

Broad spectrum white LED with enhanced red spectral performance is ideal for flowering and fruiting cycles. The VARIUS WHITE emits an intense full spectrum that can be used to boost PPF (Photosynthetic Photon Flux) outputs. Broad spectrum white LED spectral performance is optimized for all growth cycles. The VARIUS BLUE is a veg spectrum with added red energy ideal for overall plant health and light balance. Broad spectrum white LED with enhanced blue spectral performance for clone, mother, and vegetative cycles.


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