Verdigris Energy Monitoring And Notification

To access real-time, device level data on energy use, Verdigris is an artificial intelligence tool that focuses on optimizing building operation and energy consumption. The core technology of this electricity monitoring and notification system from Verdigris Technologies combines magnetic sensors with machine learning techniques. These sensors enable Verdigris to “learn” and distinguish the client’s various equipment and appliances.

Verdigris combines proprietary hardware, artificial intelligence and software applications to deliver differentiated insights about building operation and energy consumption.

machine learning
Coupled with machine learning algorithms, the Verdigris proprietary sensor hardware detects and tracks how energy is being consumed on the facility’s energy network.

Verdigris smart sensors (shown here) are placed at the electrical panel sample at extremely high frequency. The technology collects hundreds of millions more data points than a utility smart meter, every hour. This high frequency data is fundamental to algorithmically “learning” a building. The Verdigris algorithms use this information to create a “virtual physical layer” of data, producing energy forecasts, motor fault sensor streams, and device level energy information.

Verdigris offers a suite of applications based on this data platform. These products enable a depth of energy analysis and enable facility executives and their teams to proactively manage their buildings to improve operational outcomes.

Verdigris monitors equipment to identify a range of issues:machine learning

  • Unexpected operation or unplanned shutdown
  • Excessive power cycling and unbalanced multi-phase load
  • Signature anomalies that could point to equipment faults
  • Scheduling errors – linked systems not operating together, excessive pre-cooling, etc.

Verdigris delivers this information by e-mail and mobile-friendly website. The Verdigris Energy Tracker App also provides real-time alerts of critical issues when they arise.

How It Works

  • Verdigris’ proprietary smart sensors clip directly onto circuit panels for quick installation.
  • High resolution electricity data is streamed to the cloud in real time over WiFi or Verizon 4G/LTE.
  • The analytics dashboard and real-time notification platform help facilities teams identify problems anytime they arise.
  • Monthly and weekly reports track energy usage over time to measure progress and highlight opportunities that might go unnoticed.