Viakoo OnPremises Physical Security Verification

Designed for Deployment Onsite within an Organization’s Firewall

OnPremises from Viakoo provides physical security verification for organizations with policies that restrict use of cloud-based solutions. Like the Viakoo solution for the Cloud, OnPremises minimizes surveillance and security system downtime to ensure that actionable data is captured and retained properly. It also provides current Viakoo customers with an additional way to scale the company’s automated data verification solution across their organizations.

Security Verification“Viakoo OnPremises gives customers the same capabilities as our flagship cloud offering to eliminate physical security risks, and provides organizations with policies or compliance stipulations that require applications to reside behind their firewalls,” said Viakoo, CEO, Bud Broomhead. “We developed OnPremises incorporating input from our customers, and we’re pleased that leading organizations like SanDisk Western Digital and Oracle have already deployed it with great success.”

For a variety of reasons including internal policies, compliance, and industry regulations, certain enterprises require that physical security metadata (all computations) be kept within their own data centers. OnPremises delivers enterprise-wide physical security verification that adheres to these requirements while providing easy deployment, increased reliability, and high scalability.

Like Viakoo’s Cloud solution, OnPremises runs advanced system analytics to provide early problem detection, scientific diagnosis, and recommended courses of action to ensure that surveillance and access control system operations are fully documented and in continuous compliance. OnPremises can be accessed remotely by authorized personnel and provides an easy-to-navigate dashboard which allows users to see detailed information at the device level, a user’s entire security network, and everything in-between.

As with Viakoo’s cloud offering, three versions (Proactive, Preemptive, and Predictive) are available for on-premises deployment. Combined with Viakoo’s technical support team, this gives Viakoo customers all the resources they need to effectively detect, diagnose, and solve surveillance and access control system issues from anywhere 24/7.