Viking K-1775-IP VoIP Entry Phone

Stainless Steel with Built-In Entry System, Proximity Card Reader, and Analog Color Video Camera

The K-1775-IP from Viking Electronics is an all-in-one VoIP entry phone system. This entry system combines a phone, relays, dialer, keyless entry, proximity reader, and camera into one unit that is easy to install, program, and operate.

entry phone“We’ve created a dynamic entry phone and access control system that is not complicated to put together, or scale, from a single door and 10 employees or tenants, all the way to 50 doors and 1,000 employees,” said Greg Yocom, Engineer with Viking Electronics, Inc.

The K-1775-IP entry phone is hands free, vandal resistant, and offers a lot of function in a small footprint. This compact unit can dial up to 250 preprogrammed speed dial numbers or extensions—cell phones, receptionist desks, call groups, etc. The built-in 125kHz proximity card reader is able to store up to 1,000 card numbers and internal memory can store 1,000 codes for keyless entry. Each card number and keyless entry code can be limited to work certain hours of the day and/or days of the week, while the entry logging software provides a time and date stamp for each event.

The K-1775-IP can place a traditional VoIP SIP call over a single Ethernet connection. The person answering can enter a touch-tone command to activate an onboard relay, triggering a door strike or mag-lock and granting access. Additionally, the on-board analog color video camera can be fed back to a DVR for recording, and then to a monitor on the front desk for added security. Or, convert the analog video to IP with a third party video server and view from a web browser or mobile app.

When the time comes to add additional access points, users can simply export the programming information from Viking’s IP Programming software and upload it to the new K-1775-IP. Once this is done, the newest access point is programmed and users can make slight adjustments if necessary.

The K-1775-IP Series can be programmed from any PC on the same LAN or remotely using a Static IP Address. The entry phones are available in two finishes: brushed stainless steel and oil rubbed bronze.

The K-1775-IP-EWP shares all of the features of the K-1775-IP in addition to Enhanced Weather Protection (EWP) for outdoor installations where the unit is exposed to precipitation or condensation. EWP products feature foam rubber gaskets and boots, sealed connections, gel-filled butt connectors, as well as urethane or thermal plastic potted circuit boards.