Viking’s PA-15 Paging Amplifier

Power-packed and versatile with loud ringing and background music

The PA-15 from Viking Electronics is a versatile 15 watt paging amplifier that replaces the CPA-7B with twice the power and many new features. It interfaces with virtually any telephone and is capable of driving up to fifteen 8 Ohm ceiling speakers or paging horns.paging amplifier

“Our goal with the PA-15 was to give customers flexibility when upgrading a paging system or phone system— being able to interface with a wide array of analog ports gives customers the ability to design the system they want, not just the one they can afford,” Said James Catt, Engineer, Viking Electronics, Inc.

Up to fifteen 8 Ohm speakers like Viking’s model 40AE ceiling speaker or 300AE paging horn can be powered with no additional devices. The PA-15 has a line level output for connecting to existing or larger amplifiers like Viking model PA-30 and PA-60, which are also capable of 25 volt and 70 volt paging.

The PA-15’s lightweight chassis design is possible by utilizing new amplifier technology that is 300% less inefficient than old designs competitors use. High efficiency means much less heat dissipation, smaller size, higher reliability, and lower cost.

The PA-15 provides a 36V talk battery for interfacing with an FXO or unused analog line input / trunk port. With the flip of a switch, the unit can connect to an FXS or PABX / Centrex station ring trip port, or a 600 Ohm paging port. When interfacing with systems that do not provide a paging contact closure, the built-in voice activation (VOX) is in control. Adjustable dip switches on board the paging amplifier allow users to select the compatible port. This is especially useful when working with ATAs, or other types of phone adapters common with today’s VoIP SIP phone systems.

In addition to voice paging, the PA-15 can mix in a background music source, loud ringing, night bell over paging, and a door chime. These audio sources will be muted during a voice page and have individual volume controls.

After paging, the PA-15 automatically disconnects on CPC, busy signal, silence, or default disconnect timer (helps prevent accidental paging system lock-up if phone is hung-up incorrectly).