Virtual Assistant HubStar Connect Encourages A Return To Office

HubStar Connect is designed to help organizations that are struggling to persuade hybrid workers to come together on-site.

Virtual Assistant HubStar Connect
Virtual Assistant HubStar Connect

As the tug-of-war between employers and employees over returning to the office continues in the post-COVID workplace, HubStar is introducing a new workplace experience tool, HubStar Connect, designed to help organizations that are struggling to persuade hybrid workers to come together on-site.

In a bid to overcome remote working inertia, HubStar has developed HubStar Connect, a set of advanced workplace experience features which aim to help drive purposeful attendance in the office.

The HubStar Connect ‘virtual assistant’ app was created as a decision support toolkit for remote workers. Its purpose is to help hybrid employees plan their week and make sure any trip to the office is worth the commute.

The app encourages people to come into the office more often by telling them when their team or favorite colleagues will be on-site so they can coordinate their schedules. The ‘virtual assistant’ also suggests the best time to come in and shows how busy it will be. Another feature even helps employees to find their friends on a floor plan.

To give everyone a reason to come together – and to help build camaraderie, teamwork and a sense of ‘belonging’ – the app also showcases key meetings, company events and social activities in the office to encourage more frequent attendance.

Whether hybrid workers want to collaborate or socialize – or need a quiet space for deep work – the ‘virtual assistant’ provides recommendations on the perfect desk or space to meet their requirements. It also makes the reservation process simpler by booking the space for them, along with amenities such as parking or a catered lunch.

As well as giving hybrid workers a better workplace experience, HubStar Connect also delivers important data-driven benefits for employers.

For example, by providing accurate occupancy data in real time, HubStar enables companies to close down under-utilized floors on quiet days and funnel hybrid employees into alternative spaces to ensure the right ‘buzz’ is maintained in the office. In this way, companies can fit more people into less space while still improving the workplace experience.

HubStar Connect also allows companies to set occupancy threshold alerts when a workspace is close to capacity. This enables them to open up ‘overspill’ areas at short notice.

The virtual assistant was designed to address how many workers feel energized by in-person connection but often have too many barriers that stand in their way. HubStar Connect was created to eliminate such barriers once and for all and increase on-site collaboration and rebuild social connection.

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