Virtual Keypad Cloud-Based Access Control

DMP's Virtual Keypad Access gives users the flexibility to remotely manage their own systems

Virtual Keypad™ Access from Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) provides the flexibility of cloud-based access control. Users can remotely manage their own systems, or it can be managed for them by their access control

Virtual Keypad Access gives users real-time access control with XR Series panels so users can lock or unlock multiple doors. The browser provides users with a clean, elegant, easy-to-use interface and controls are logically arranged with all functions a click away. Users log in with their e-mail and password provided by the dealer and can then select the system they want to control from a drop-down list. Forgotten passwords are retrieved by user request.

User Codes Management provides the system manager/owner with access to all authorized system users and the ability to add, delete, and modify users and edit their codes. For XT Series™ and XTLplus™ systems, the system manager can assign authority levels to each user (Master: Full authority or Arm Only authority). They can also assign users as Temporary, which are automatically deleted in seven days. For XR150/XR550 Series Panels, the system manager can assign up to four profiles, each with defined capabilities. For Temporary users, the system manager can specify the date and time when the rights will expire. There are 99 profiles available to configure each user’s required access.

Up to 12 cameras, interior and exterior, wired and wireless, can be incorporated in the cloud-based access control system. Via, users can selectively monitor any of the cameras and record video. Once video is recorded, the user can opt to have the clips e-mailed to them. Logos can also be uploaded so customers will be reminded of the service provided every time they log in to

Virtual Keypad Access provides a variety of features.

Schedules allow users to add, edit, or delete schedules, which affect arming, area arming, outputs, doors, and favorites. When the tab is selected, all the schedules assigned to the current system are listed. Refreshing will reload the panel information that was updated at a keypad or Remote Link™/System Link™.

In System Overview, a red arming area will display if an alarm is occurring while the user is logged in. Zone status allows users to check one screen for the current status of all zones on a system. A yellow triangle indicates faulted zones.

With the Door Status tab users can quickly verify the current status of a system’s doors. This is a panel setting per door. With Lockdown (available for XR150/XR550 panels), all public doors will lock on the system with a single click.

Users can review system activity from the History tab. Messages include: Alarm Events, Arm/Disarm or Open/Close Events, Troubles, and Sensor Activity. Quick Search saves time when looking for a specific event.

The Reports tab gives users the option to run reports, search results, view scheduled and saved reports, and automatically e-mail reports on a schedule.

Virtual Keypad Access eliminates arduous data management. When users or schedules need to be added, the record only needs to be created once. Multi-Site Management allows users to share that record with multiple panels or locations.

Setting Holiday Dates provides the cloud-based access control system with dates in the year when the normal opening and closing schedules are not used. Manage Credentials allows users to choose either User Code or Access Card all in one record. For example, John Smith may have multiple credentials (a card, user code, fob, and prox patch) all managed under his authority or profile. This credentialing hierarchy makes data entry faster and easier to manage. Data can be transferred to multiple records.