Virtual Reality and 360ᵒ Experience From National Office Furniture

National Office Furniture, a unit of Kimball International, Inc., is the first within the furniture industry to introduce a 360ᵒ Virtual Reality (VR) video tour and panoramic 3D model to provide users with an interactive showroom adventure.

Users of the technology can tour the National Corporate Headquarters and get in-depth views of product solutions through two unique experiences. This technology allows users to engage with National’s culture and view product applications, in high definition, from any angle.

National Office Furniture Virtual RealityThrough VR technology, guests are immersed in National’s Corporate Headquarters and experience a guided, real-life film tour. By viewing the video with a VR headset or other VR device, such as Google Cardboard, the user has an interactive 360ᵒ virtual reality view of the HQ. This allows the user to “transport” to the Jasper, IN, facility and enjoy an in depth look at the architecture and furniture. Users without a VR device can also take a 360ᵒ video tour of the space from a computer, tablet, or smartphone here.

National also introduced a high definition 3D model that allows users to experience a 360ᵒ self-guided tour throughout the HQ facility. The model can be viewed on a computer or hand held device and allows the user to zoom in on product solutions and navigate around the HQ facility in high resolution.