Visionaire Lighting’s PRK Safely Lights Parking Structures

New LED lighting product line provides effective and uniform lighting across drive lanes and open spaces to ensure optimal safety for parking structures.

Visionaire Lighting — a subsidiary of technology solutions provider and manufacturer of LED lighting PANGEA Global Technologies (PGT) — has launched PRK, the latest in edge-lit lighting technology for parking structures. The new LED lighting product line offers both symmetrical and asymmetrical distributions allowing effective and uniform lighting across drive lanes and open spaces.

lighting parking structuresPRK ensures a well-lit environment for maximum visual comfort and optical performance, while providing brightness and safety without glare or visual discomfort. The fixtures utilize an edge-lit light guide panel and offer an optional up-light to reduce the “cave effect” that can occur in spaces with different ceiling configurations. The lumen package ranges from 3,000 to 15,000, in a variety of optical distributions that include T1 for drive lanes or T5LS for maximum spacing between fixtures. The fixture’s die-cast aluminum housing includes an internal heat sink to optimize heat dissipation, with a durable polyester powder coat finish guaranteed for five years.

“Reports tell us that about 80% of crime that occurs in or on public facilities happens in parking structures. Our goals with the new PRK edge-lit product line are two-fold – increase public safety and improve infrastructure,” said PGT Chairman and CEO Bryan Fried. “Whether it’s a commercial parking lot, parking garage, large campus or tunnels, no project is too big or too small for PRK given its scalability.”

lighting parking structuresPRK paired with PGT’s Pangea SaaS open-architecture lighting software platform can turn any outdoor lighting project into a dynamic connected lighting solution that is easily accessed and controlled. The completely wireless system connects to 3,000+ fixtures on a single gateway, with no wiring between light fixtures, granting full wireless control of individual light fixtures and pre-set zones, while gathering data and generating real-time reporting.

Pangea SaaS enables the creation of Smart Environments, automation, data reporting and third-party device connectivity. Additional current project applications of Pangea Saas include automated horticulture farming, energy monitoring and reporting, privatized Wi-Fi, video integration and analytics, audio threat detection, air quality sensors and controls, large-scale utility controls for factories and distribution centers, moisture sensors and controls, CO2 and temperature sensors and controls, soil sensors, and par sensors with Apogee quantum meters.

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