Water Pre-treatment System Replacement by Nortec

The Water Pre-treatment System Replacement Program removes contaminants and hard minerals to clean water. It is designed for those who have been using a Nortec Humidty Water Pre-treatment System for its expected life span or longer. Nortec service will provide a complimentary quote for a certified technician to inspect or upgrade a user’s current system.

clean waterThe Water Pre-treatment System Replacement Program is a two-step process. During pre-treatment, water is pushed through an activated carbon filter to eliminate the chlorine, and then treated with a duplex softening system. This removes contaminants and hardness caused by calcium and magnesium minerals.

The Water Pre-treatment System Replacement Program operates only with soft water for system longevity. It uses kinetic energy from the moving water, so no electric power is needed. Countercurrent and metered regeneration conserves water and reduces salt use. A twin tank design allows for a continuous clean and soft water supply even during regeneration.

Minimal maintenance and repairs are required with the Water Pre-treatment System Replacement Program. Corrosive resistant valves and tanks, with no back flushing of the carbon filter, reduce the need for service. There are no timers to set, adjust, or repair.

Nortec humidification systems are customizable. Each ensures system hygiene and sanitation for clean water in three steps: pre-treatment, treatment, and hygiene and sanitation.

Pre-treatment puts water through dechlorination and softening channels (described above).

The treatment cycle pushes water through a reverse osmosis filter, removing up to 95% of all minerals. If further deionization is required, an additional filter can be added to remove the remaining minerals from the water (making it ultra-pure).

Lastly, several features and functions focus solely on the sanitation of the system and hygiene of the water. These include periodic dosing of Sanosil HaloMist™ disinfectant, UV lighting to sterilize bacteria in the water, and automatic flush cycles to ensure there is never standing water in the system. In addition, a Bactiquant® water test ensures proper water quality during the humidification process.