Waterfall Security Announces WF-600 Unidirectional Security Gateway

The WF-600 Unidirectional Security Gateway is a powerful network security that offers powerful protection against cyber attacks.


Waterfall Security Solutions, the OT Security Company, launched the WF-600 Unidirectional Security Gateway, the world’s most powerful OT security protection against remote cyber attacks. The revolutionary WF-600 product line is a state-of-the-art blend of hardware and software, enabling unbreachable protection at IT/OT interfaces with unlimited visibility into OT networks, systems, and data.

The new WF-600 series of products represent decades of experience, investment, and innovation, incorporating feedback received from thousands of critical infrastructure and manufacturing sites. What’s new in the 600 series includes:

• Integrated Software: The WF-600 includes a self-contained, integrated software platform, with no external software needed on industrial or enterprise computers, and with the entire platform designed together with the 600 series hardware, for maximum performance, compatibility, and ease of use.
• Native Connectors: A large connector library runs natively in the WF-600 network appliance, enabling connectivity with, replication of, and integration for a wide variety of historians, OPC servers, intrusion detection, and monitoring systems, IIoT protocols, industrial protocols, and more.
• Web User Interface: A simple, powerful web user interface built into the WF-600 provides for all configuration, monitoring, management, and even trouble-shooting needs.
• 1-10 Gbps Throughput: All-new WF-600 hardware is designed specifically for the WF-600 software platform, with standard 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps throughput options, standard high availability options, copper and fiber connectivity options, and more.

Waterfall invented the Unidirectional Gateway as an evolutionary alternative to firewalls. The company continues to innovate to empower customers with physical and industrial operations to reap the enormous benefits of OT connectivity, without the often-unacceptable risks that come with firewalled IT/OT connectivity. Waterfall’s family of products have revolutionized how entire industries protect their physical operations and industrial processes from even the most sophisticated of ransomware and other cyber attacks.

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