Wayne Dalton Introduces DaltonDock Equipment Line

Wayne Dalton's new DaltonDock line includes new equipment and accessories to enhance the loading dock experience.

DaltonDockWayne Dalton has unveiled its latest innovation, the DaltonDock equipment line. The series introduces the Mechanical Pit Leveler and the Edge of Dock, various seals and shelters, as well as an extensive array of accessories, all engineered to fortify the loading dock experience. The Mechanical Pit Leveler and the Edge of Dock are meticulously crafted to meet the stringent ANSI MH 30.1 specifications and incorporate advanced safety features, ensuring they withstand the demands of a wide range of loading dock environments.

The Mechanical Pit Leveler offers a seamless building-to-truck transition, featuring innovative pit height adjusters that eliminate the need for manual shimming under the pit. Its adjuster feet quickly align with the dock floor height, enhancing worker protection by removing the need for installers to work underneath the leveler.

The Edge of Dock leveler stands out for its easy to push/pull operating handle. Both the Mechanical Pit Leveler and the Edge of Dock come standard with a unique textured powder coat, providing traction and resistance to slippage.

In addition to these, the DaltonDock line includes an array of seals and shelters, constructed from fire-retardant foam and UV-resistant fabrics. These are designed to bolster dock seal and protection, particularly against harsh weather conditions, thereby improving working conditions and reducing energy costs. Complementing these innovations, the line also features an extensive selection of accessories, designed to augment and enrich the dock’s functionality.

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