We-Go-Round Expands Inclusive Playground Offerings

Inclusive merry-go-round from Landscape Structures delivers spinning sensation to all ages and abilities.

Expanding on its line of products designed for inclusive playgrounds, Landscape Structures Inc. has introduced the We-Go-Round™, a merry-go-round-like spinner designed to accommodate children and families of all abilities. There is ample room for wheelchairs inside the We-Go-Round, and strategic seating areas position everyone toward the center to share smiles, laughter, and conversation while in orbit.

inclusive playgroundsAccording to Landscape Structures’ Inclusive Play Survey, more than 70 of parents strongly agree that playground equipment should be designed so all children can play together. That’s why the Delano, MN-based company continues to design commercial playground equipment and public play environments where children of all abilities and their families can play together.

“The We-Go-Round is the perfect example of what we call inclusive play,” said Randy Watermiller, vice president of product development at Landscape Structures. “This new take on the classic merry-go-round delivers an inclusive solution to achieve the spinning sensation for individuals using wheelchairs. Our design allows people of all abilities to sit and face each other. They’re able to engage with everyone around them and, most importantly, they’re able to play together.”

inclusive playgroundsThe patent-pending We-Go-Round is the perfect inclusive solution. The base is flush with surrounding surfacing for easy access for those using mobility devices. Under rooftop shade, riders can participate in the action using the center handhold while others are turning from the outside. Plus, Landscape Structures’ built-in progressive resistance mechanism maintains a reasonable maximum speed, ensuring all spins on the We-Go-Round remain within the fun zone.

Landscape Structures is committed to providing play experiences for children of all abilities. With its design philosophy—which addresses the accessibility, age, and developmental appropriateness, and sensory-stimulating activity, and other inclusive play product innovations like the We-Saw™, OmniSpin® spinner and Sway Fun® glider—the company helps bring children with and without special needs together to play, learn, and grow on the playground.

See the We-Go-Round in action at playlsi.com.