WebCTRL v6.5 Building Automation System

Automated Logic Corporation has enhanced their flagship product, the WebCTRL® building automation system. These v6.5 improvements will further help manage facility energy conservation measures, identify key operational problems, and analyze the end results.

building automation systemWebCTRL empowers users with tools that make it easy for them to visualize and interpret building data. It also provides them with insight on how to improve performance from across the room or around the world. The system can be accessed from anywhere through any popular web-browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari). The workstation requires no special software. Through the web-browser, users can adjust set points and other control parameters; set and change schedules; graphically trend important building conditions; view and acknowledge alarms; and run preconfigured and custom reports on energy usage, occupant overrides, and tenant billing.

The WebCTRL building automation system allows facility owners and managers to balance energy efficiency with occupant comfort. In addition, it uses building analytics and visual data to help drive smart management decisions. New features of the WebCTRL v6.5 system include:

• Optimized trend engine – Enhancements have been made to the WebCTRL system’s trending engine. Operators can now store, visualize, and process years of historical building data in seconds. The new turbo-charged trend engine offers 15 times the original read speed, 10 times the original delete speed, and five times the original write speed of trend data, all while using 70% less storage space. The result is that facility managers can capture even more information faster.

• Powerful data visualization tools – Data visualization in the WebCTRL v6.5 system is more powerful. A new toolkit allows operators to create customized dashboards for viewing key performance metrics in a building. It provides them with increased visibility into building operations at any time.

• Enhanced mobile and screen navigation – The WebCTRL system now detects small-screen devices, such as smart phones and tablets, automatically.

• OpenADR add-on – This new software application allows the WebCTRLv6.5 system to retrieve live power demand information from a participating utility company and then shed load based on pre-programmed demand response strategies. Fully compliant with the OpenADR v2.0a/b protocol, this add-on allows users to curb their electrical demand (kW) in order to gain financial benefits (e.g., a reduction in electrical costs or incentives).

The WebCTRL building automation system supports major communications protocols including BACnet®, LonWorks®, MODBUS, and SNMP. With its ability to run on Java2-compliant server platforms such as Windows®, Linux and Sun™ Solaris™, WebCTRL can operate with many JDBC-compliant databases including Access, SQL, and Oracle®. And since it supports XML/SOAP, WebCTRL can share data with enterprise or third-party software to accomplish a range of tasks.