Website Helps Transition to Touchfree Access

dormakaba allows users to determine both short-term fixes and long-term solutions

Whether a facility or property is configuring its reopening after COVID-19 restrictions or just looking to provide safer and more secure access to their guests, staff, and visitors, the self-audit website for Touchfree Access from dormakaba allows users to determine both short-term fixes and long-term solutions.

Touchfree Access“We’re always studying the marketplace to identify ways to help our customers operate their properties to the best of their ability, and the COVID era has challenged us to look even deeper,” said Darren Blankenship, AVP, Vertical Market Development. “As we considered the prolonged impacts of the pandemic, we quickly realized that what was really needed was a way for customers to figure out their next steps to navigating the current situation as they relate to access. Our Touchfree Access website is a self-audit tool that looks across product categories that support cleanliness, hygiene, safety, and security across specific property areas. This includes, but definitely goes beyond, our suite of Mobile Access Solutions and Touchless Access Solutions.”

The touchless access tool has three specific steps.

  • First, users map current access methods in 16 specific locations on their properties.
  • Next, users identify current locks and access, and door types for each room category.
  • Finally, the audit curates a customized list of short-term solutions and longer-term opportunities.

Short-term fixes can be implemented quickly. Longer-term opportunities show a range of possibilities that may require a little more planning. Recommendations do include an option to transition to a range of touchless access solutions to assure security, safety, hygiene, and cleanliness. Users have an additional option to connect directly with a dormakaba access solutions expert to receive a customized recommendation that includes both holistic and dormakaba product options.


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