Weil-McLain Expands Family Of Commercial Boilers

The Stainless Vertical Firetube commercial boilers feature industry-leading efficiency, ease of installation, and maintenance.

Weil-McLain Technologies, LLC added five sizes to its advanced, energy-efficient Stainless Vertical Firetube (SVF™) boiler portfolio for commercial heating applications. The new Weil-McLain SVF boiler line has expanded to now include BTU sizes of 500, 600, 725, 850, and 1000 MBH models that join the existing 1500, 2000, 2500, and 3000 BTU configurations.

The SVF boiler line features industry-leading thermal efficiency up to 98%, unrivaled ease of installation and maintenance, large color touchscreen Unity 2 and Nuro control systems, and Weil-McLain boiler design reliability and longevity. The commercial boilers meets all market-driven bid specifications for new construction projects and is ideal for hybrid and replacement boiler applications.

The SVF line features a stainless-steel vertical fire tube and shell heat exchanger design for best-in-class corrosion resistance and reliability intuitive, user-friendly controls to make installation and operation easy. Large, color touchscreen controls are included as a standard feature, enabling advanced diagnostic and troubleshooting along with remote monitoring capability.

Time-saving installation features include an integrated shipping ramp, heavy-duty roller casters for improved maneuverability in confined spaces, industrial-grade leveling legs mitigating the need for a concrete pad, an integrated burner in a cover plate for minimized 18” overhead space requirements, and adjustable height control panel for improved front access to service and calibration points. All models are zero clearance, side-by-side installation capable to help make the most out of confined boiler room floor space.

For ease of service, the commercial boilers features quick cover-plate or hatch access to the burner and fire tubes for simple heat exchanger wash-down and inspection with no need for additional disassembly. Easy access from the front/back of the boiler requires no side access for regular service intervals.

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