WEIRD WEDNESDAY: Smokeless Electronic Cigarettes…A Joy For Life?

Some people just can’t quit. What am I talking about? Smoking, of course. And in the U.S., smoking has pretty much been pushed out of public places and into parking lots, alleys, and other inconvenient locations.

In response to this trend, one European company, SuperSmoker (based in Brussels, Belgium), has released its electronic cigarette, Blue, to North American consumers. Blue is a smokeless nicotine* delivery device which allows users to mimic the act of smoking while eliminating the usage of tobacco, tar, and an open flame.

The device includes a rechargeable battery, nicotine gel vaporizing atomizer, and replaceable cartridge that looks and feels like a real cigarette. The device gives off a vapor that looks like smoke but has none of the risks associated with second hand smoke. In efforts to ensure that Blue is not mistaken for an actual cigarette, the tip of Blue is bedazzled with a crystal gem that shines a bright blue when the user inhales.

After the initial starter kit purchase, Blue customers will be able to reduce smoking costs of up 50% due to the comparatively inexpensive cost of the cartridges. Cartridges come in packs of 24 and last approximately 30 inhalations, the equivalent of about four cigarettes. And since Blue has no tobacco, it is not taxed like traditional cigarettes.

Blue eliminates the need for ashtrays and the trash involved in the habit of smoking. While drastically reducing waste and air pollution, Blue can also save the time required for cigarette breaks. Giving up a 15 minute cigarette break twice a day during the work week will eliminated over five days of wasted time over the course of a year. Cartridges are available in Zero, Light, Normal, and Menthol strengths and have varying levels of nicotine.

“Americans will now have the ability to ‘smoke’ where previously not allowed while eliminating the odor and risks associated with the intake of traditional cigarette smoke and the exposing of others to second hand smoke,” said SuperSmoker Commercial Director Dimitri Kyriakopoulos.

* SuperSmoker makes no determination as to the health risks and/or benefits associated with their products. Nicotine is an addictive substance and should be consumed with the consultation of a medical doctor. Electronic cigarettes are not currently regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.