WEIRD WEDNESDAY: There’s Something Fishy About This Desk

Danish office furniture designers SØren Kjær has introduced MILK, “a desk that will redefine what is expected of office furniture in the 21st century.” Produced by Danish office furnishings giant Holmris, MILK offers an unusual synthesis of design, function, and customizable features.

Kjær was inspired to create MILK when he recognized a need for a desk that combined a sleek aesthetic with smart function and quality construction.

MILK is comprised of a monolithic rectangular top, finished in white or black high gloss lacquer that rests on a sleek aluminum pedestal base. The base is available in stationary or mobile versions. The mobile base allows the user to raise and lower the desk height at the touch of a button, adjusting electronically to accommodate sitting or standing. MILK easily adapts to users of different heights for ergonomic purposes.

The desk surface is customizable as well. Each top incorporates four built-in containers that offer numerous organizational possibilities. These cubbies are inset into the surface of the desktop, giving the user a place to keep essentials close without sacrificing desk space.

These containers can be customized in a number of ways. MILK offers lids in aluminum, chrome, black, purple, white, and frosted acrylic, or glass. A power supply can be threaded into a cubby, creating a discrete spot to charge an iPod or cell phone.

One or more of these dedicated cubby spaces can be further personalized with practical and playful accessories. MILK has created a built-in waste bin; pencil holder; shallow and a deep divided accessory trays; and even a fish tank.

MILK’s built-in cable exits allow power cords, firewires, and broadband cables to be neatly bundled together and kept hidden underneath the desk, while still being easily accessible from the desktop. A slot is integrated into the body of the desktop, creating a handy shallow space to store folders, notepads, and files that are in constant rotation for quick and easy access.

The product is on display at dkVOGUE’s New York contract showroom. Kim Nielsen, founder and CEO of dkVOGUE observes, “With its distinctive combination of adaptable elements, modern design, and exceptional Danish craftsmanship, this desk is truly an industry first.” dkVOGUE is the exclusive distributor of the product in the U.S.