Wetwall Waterproof Surface

Instead of tile and grout, WilsonArt’s single panel wall system can be installed when water is ever-present.

Wetwall from Wilsonart Engineered Surfaces is a waterproof wall panel system that does not require grout or demolitions. This patented waterproof surface can be used for everything from shower walls to bath surrounds to accent walls and cladding and uses a tongue-and-groove installation system without requiring any special or dedicated tooling.waterproof surface

Created with a waterproof core and antimicrobial protection that inhibits the growth of stain- and odor-causing mold and mildew, Wetwall is engineered to withstand everyday use with little maintenance.

“Wetwall is not simply the future of bathroom wall technology, it’s what it should have always been: engineered to perform, and made without compromise,” said Kimberly Watson, Global Vice President of Materials Replacement at Wilsonart. “It’s a graceful and complete wall solution with all pros and zero cons.”

Additionally, Wetwall features AEON™ Enhanced Scratch & Scuff-Resistant Performance Technology which provides a more durable surface, with improved scratch, scuff, and mar performance.

The range of Wetwall panels provide flexibility to shape the ideal bathroom. From the bullnose panels that do not require any additional edge treatments to the tongue-and-groove panels that can be linked together, the panels work with most shower pans and tubs or can be customized.

A few of the many Wetwall waterproof surface design options include:

  • Society Elm – a straight grain Elm design that is subtly planked and features cross-grain saw marks. The color is an overall light brown with some grey and taupe undertones.
  • Spanish Sands – a limestone look in warm grey with linear directional features in shades of grey with hints of caramel.
  • Calacatta Statuario (pictured) – a white marble design with varying sizes of light grey, grey and black veining.
  • Tusca Marble – granite featuring large-scale areas of taupes and browns with grey and cream accents.


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