Question Of The Week: What’s Your Facility Management Background?

Posted by Heidi Schwartz

This week’s question comes from the Facilities Management Group on LinkedIn.


Have you ever wondered about the background of others in the facility management profession? I’m just curious—what did you do before you made the move into facilities management? Were you in a trade? Do you have a degree?

And how was the transition? Coming from the building industry, my experience was fairly smooth, but what about yours?

John McDonald
Facilities Manager
Red Bull
Sydney, Australia

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  1. I am a registered architect and became interested in facilities management (consulting) way back. My license as an architect is very useful in a facility management role: it saves outside design consultant fees; and I can use all of my skill sets developed as an architect.

  2. Thirty-some years ago I obtained my BA (English/Philosophy) while in the seminary, intending to be ordained a priest. I changed my mind, left the seminary and became a family man and had to come up with Plan B. Since jobs were hard to find at that point I did not rely on my degree, but on my experience working for my father (a contractor), and took a job as a Maintenance Mechanic. I grew in competence and confidence, taking mostly technical but also some management training, and eventually was promoted several times, managing and directing maintenance and project managing for a large retailer. When that job went away I obtained work at another retailer as a Construction Project Manager, and a few years later became Facility Manager for a heavy equipment manufacturer (also dealing directly with Real Estate issues for the first time). Now I’m Director of FM for a government entity. While there have been tough (and long) days, I enjoy most of the work and find it hard to imagine having done a different type of work.

  3. Hello,
    Until this year I’ve worked as site manager or project manager. I chose this sector of activity due to the market. Simply put, in construction, in Romania, there are very few projects. I hope that facility management will be the salvation for me.

  4. I have a degree in Leadership and I have a varied background in managing projects, administrative support, contract management, and records management. I’ve always liked the idea of being involved in facilities and when given the opportunity I ran with it. I love the facilities industry! It’s very dynamic and touches all areas of an organization. Good times!

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