When Art Means (Better) Business

A recent survey by NINE dot ARTS finds building industry professionals recognize the positive impact of art, but many do not know how to maximize this impact in their spaces.

Art pays for itself, and art that expresses an organization’s brand, mission, and vision is “absolutely critical” or “very important,” according to findings from the inaugural “State of the Art Consulting & Curating Business” survey released by Denver-based NINE dot ARTS, a firm focused on curating and installing inspiring art experiences. The firm has won numerous awards across multiple design categories and client industries and continues to expand its brand reach, with client art experiences now installed in 34 states and four countries.

art consulting
NINE dot ARTS published its “State of the Art Consulting & Curating Business” survey results in November 2019.

The report, which is based on a survey conducted between July-September 2019 of nearly 200 business professionals working in industries ranging from hospitality, real estate, and architecture to healthcare and government, examines the attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs about the process of creating meaningful art experiences.

Respondents revealed that while they recognize the brand-building and experiential value of a thoughtfully curated art collection, nearly half (47%) feel they lack an understanding of what the process entails. Survey respondents also noted the importance of selecting an art curation and consulting partner who would meet deadlines, schedules, and budgets, and tie the program back to bottom-line business goals as either “absolutely critical” or “very important” at 81% and 75%, respectively.

“The business of art consulting and curating is strategic, creative and inclusive, but for those unfamiliar with the process, it can seem complex and mysterious,” said Martha Weidmann, CEO and co-founder of NINE dot ARTS. “Our goal with this survey was to better understand perceptions of what we do and more formally assess perspectives regarding return on investment. These findings highlight ways we can improve education around the art consulting and curating process while making a strong case for the many ways that art adds value and creates a sense of both brand and place.”

art consulting
Source: State of the Art Consulting & Curating Business survey, November 2019

Additional findings from the report include:

  • 67% of those surveyed are “certain” that art adds enough value that the artwork pays for itself while almost half – 47% – believe artwork adds ROI beyond its cost.
  • Only 28% of Senior Leaders feel “extremely” or “very knowledgeable” about the art curation process.
  • 62% of respondents said that it’s “absolutely critical” or “very important” that art expresses brand, mission, and vision.
  • Nearly all – 92% – said that art installations elicit positive feedback at least some of the time.
art consulting
Colorado Convention Center (Photo: NINE dot ARTS)

“We often tell our clients that you can buy art or you can create an experience,” Weidmann said. “A successful art program requires a consultative approach that begins with a vision and ends with a story that brings a brand to life.”

Please click here to access a download to the “State of the Art Consulting & Curating Business” report (free registration required).