Friday Funny: When Dog Days Are A Good Thing

By Heidi Schwartz

Dog at computer has no idea what he is doing.FacilityBlog has been going to the dogs lately. Last week, I covered Welsh sheep dogs and their fantastic LED flock formations (with slight assistance from champion sheep herders and some computer enhancements). This week it’s a dog contest. Even though National Pet Week is officially the first full week in May, Fast Company is holding its America’s Top Office Dog Competition next week.

Built on the claim that dogs are great for office morale and productivity, the contest will be accepting “top dog” entries until Wednesday, October 15, 2014.

While some facilities professionals have had to deal with the practical (and sometimes not so pleasant) hygienic aspects of pets in the workplace, employees—particularly those who work long hours and struggle to rush home to fulfill their dog walking obligations—can often benefit, both from the convenience and the companionship. There are also the safety and security factors that come into consideration.

If you have a top dog you’d like to nominate, be sure to include the following:

*A photo of the office dog.
*The name of the dog.
*Company name.
*Rationale for winning. This could be a productivity tip, the time the candidate helped with a business transaction, or any other story that spells out the dog gone greatness of having this particular pup in the workplace.

Dogs at conference table presentation.


Like any other competition, there will be brackets…oh yes, there will be brackets! Bracket voting opens on Monday, October 20, 2014, and judging will be conducted by Fast Company staff members along with a guest judge.

Get those nominations in now, and maybe you’ll get a treat.

Many thanks to Mary Ellen McCandless for passing along this story.