Question Of The Week: Who Watches The Generators?

Posted by Heidi Schwartz

This week’s question comes from the Facilities Management Group on LinkedIn.

standby generators

Standby generators are becoming more common place, but someone needs to be responsible for the care and maintenance within your company. Is IT responsible, or is it facility management’s task?

Dane Olson Operations Manager Minneapolis, MN

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  1. When we installed our units FM worked with the electrical engineer to decide what brand and size of unit. We have ours on auto run once a week as well as have MFG mechanic service with fuel filter and oil change once a year. We also have diesel fuel tested and load bank test yearly as well.

  2. I believe it should be FM responsibility guiding the maintenance team to run the standby generator at least once a week, to check the proper operation of the generator inside well ventilated room and inspecting diesel tank level with batteries every time before test run, creating well organized preventive maintenance schedule by replacing oil and filters.

    The most important issue is knowing the actual power load for running main facilities during power failure particularly during summer season.

  3. The facilities management team should the manage and maintain standby generators. The FM maintenance personnel possess the necessary skill and training to carry out routine and preventive maintenance of generators.

  4. Definitely a facility management’s task. The facility manager oversee the operation and maintenance program of the standby generators.

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