Wiegmann RSC-NKSS Electrical Enclosures

The stainless steel products offer protection both indoors and out

The RSC-NKSS from Wiegmann, part of Hubbell Commercial Construction, is a line of stainless steel electrical enclosures. These screw cover enclosures provide protection for electrical components indoors or outdoors.electrical enclosures

Designed for use as wiring boxes or junction boxes, RSC-NKSS models are based on Wiegmann’s RSC product line. This creates a first in the marketplace for NEMA 3R screw cover wall-mount enclosures. Adding stainless steel to this design provides corrosion resistance without the greater expense of a NEMA 4X enclosure.

RSC-NKSS enclosures provide protection in outdoor applications against rain, sleet, and snow, or indoors against dripping water or corrosive environments. A wide range of sizes (e.g., 4.06″ x 4.12″ x 4.06″, 8.06″ x 8.12″ x 4.06″, 15.06″ x 12.12″ x 4.06″, 18.06″ x 18.12″ x 4.06″) are available for use with almost any application.

RSC-NKSS electrical enclosures feature a drip shield top with smooth seamless sides and front; a slip-on reversible cover, securely fastened with screws along the bottom edge; and hasp for padlocking or meter seal. Mounting holes are located on the back of the enclosure and no gasketing is required.