WIN Brings Indoor Connectivity To New Markets

Wireless Information Networks is expanding its services related to DAS and other indoor cellular connectivity to suburban buildings, healthcare facilities, and more.

DASWireless Information Networks (WIN), a provider of distributed antenna systems (DAS) and other indoor cellular connectivity technologies, has announced a service offering expansion to include solutions for suburban buildings, healthcare facilities, hotels, higher education campuses, and new construction. WIN will leverage its experience in the urban sector to help these building owners keep the people they serve happy and productive. The company has historically focused its expertise and service on high-rise buildings.

WIN’s service model enables solutions to be customized for any type of building — with in-building communication capabilities, funding consultation, and publicly accessible Wi-Fi. WIN proactively manages and monitors each solution and guarantees ubiquitous coverage in a facility.

Getting cell coverage inside buildings is becoming increasingly difficult. Studies show that indoor data traffic accounts for 80% of all data traffic and is growing 20% per year — and exterior cell towers can’t keep up with demand. In-building connectivity technologies provide a solution.

“We’re proud to offer more people a reliable way to stay in communication with their co-workers, friends, and loved ones,” said Thomas K. Crotty, WIN President and CEO. “Our solutions bring peace of mind as well as a significant competitive advantage for venue owners and managers across a wide range of industries.”