WinCup Biodegradable Straws at Yankee Stadium

WinCup’s phade® compost-certified, marine biodegradable straws and stirrers to be providedat Yankee Stadium concession stands in 2022.

WinCup, Inc. announced that it was partnering with the New York Yankees and Legends Hospitality to provide its phade® straw — an ecologically preferable non-petroleum, non-forest-based bio-plastic product — to concessions stands at Yankee Stadium.

WinCup Biodegradable Straws at Yankee StadiumThe phade® straw is a marine biodegradable, home & industrial, compostable drinking straw made with PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoate), a biodegradable biopolymer derived from the fermentation of canola oil. These biodegradable straws maintain the convenience of petroleum-based plastic straws but with lower greenhouse gas production impacts and less risk to marine life and ecosystems. The phade® drinking straw is certified for composting commercially and for at-home composting.

The introduction of the phade® straw at Yankee Stadium will further the venue’s globally recognized sustainability initiatives, including its commitment to achieving zero waste and promoting a circular economy based on composting and recycling. Through the dedicated efforts of Stadium staff, fans, and the Yankees’ recycling and composting partners, approximately 85 percent of the Stadium’s total waste is diverted from landfills and incinerators, making Yankee Stadium one of the most environmentally responsible venues in all of sports.

According to WinCup, phade® has become the environmentally preferable straw of choice for multiple professional sports venues, teams and events, including SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, home of this year’s Super Bowl, Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Gillette Stadium in New England, and the 2021 PGA Championship in Kiawah Island, South Carolina.

WinCup biodegradable straws provide a solution to help address the global plastic pollution crisis. The technology behind phade® is formulated with PHA, which acts as a food source for bacteria, allowing for faster decomposition in bacteria rich environments in a matter of months.

WinCup’s focus on sustainable solutions was bolstered in September 2020 when Los Angeles-based global private investment firm Atar Capital acquired the company. Among Atar’s core principles is a commitment to sustainability and investing in companies that work toward protecting the environment.

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