Winners Of The 2013 Awards For Excellence In FM Announced

Posted by Heidi Schwartz

On June 27, 2013, Duncan Waddell, chairperson of Global FM (the Global Facility Management Association), announced the winners of the fourth annual Global FM Awards for Excellence in Facilities Management (FM). This honor recognizes the best of the best in the FM world, highlighting a range of innovative practices, improvements, and sustainable projects undertaken by FM professionals over the past year.

Waddell explains, “The Awards provide an opportunity to recognize the world’s best in FM, with this year’s recipients clearly demonstrating the value of their innovations and improvements through sustainable outcomes.”

The 2013 winners are:

  • Platinum Award of Excellence in FM: Ken Fletcher, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Facilities Division, Meeting Facility Sustainability at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (application supported by IFMA).
  • Gold Award of Excellence in FM: Maurício Canto Savassa, Jones Lang LaSalle, Water REUSE Project: Effluent Treatment of the World Trade Centre of São Paulo, Brazil (application supported by ABRAFAC).
  • Silver Award of Excellence in FM: Nicolas Cugier and Thierry Berthomieu, Thales Group, COPERNIC‖ (application supported by ARSEG).

The Platinum winner developed an effective and efficient way to evaluate facility sustainability and identify cost-effective measures to support the ability to meet government sustainability mandate requirements. IFMA President and CEO Tony Keane, said, “The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) is proud to congratulate IFMA member Ken Fletcher of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for earning the Global FM Platinum Award for Excellence in FM for his ground-breaking work in sustainability. Ken’s work is truly an inspiration.”

Gold Award winner Jones Lang LaSalle, led by Maurício Canto Savassa, started a partnership with General Water to develop a water recycling system for the World Trade Centre of São Paulo, the largest multi-use complex in Latin America. It recycles about eight million liters of water a month, an amount equivalent to 4.2% of the total water for reuse supplied by the public utility in São Paulo state. The project is one of the pioneers in the country for dealing with the reuse of sanitary effluent.

ABRAFAC’s Chair, Marcos Maran, said, “ABRAFAC congratulates all the competitors for the prize, and in particular our associate member who has been recognized with a grand trophy which is very special to us. We are sure that our efforts are being rewarded and we are already preparing for 2014. The Facilities Management in Brazil advances through the activities of the association. Congratulations Jones Lang LaSalle for the hard work and for supporting ABRAFAC.”

Silver Award winner Thales has a long history of FM externalization and is faced with a range of efficiency challenges in a very competitive market. Thales successfully tackled the situation by implementing an 18 month long project with clear policies to improve the consistency of the FM strategy within the company.

ARSEG’s CEO Josselin Fouquet said the association was very proud of this award. “We congratulate Nicolas Cugier and Thierry Berthomieu as well as the other winners of the Global FM Awards for Excellence in FM of 2013,” Fouquet noted. “Despite being quite new in the FM profession, Nicolas Cugier developed a tremendous action as the head of FM of the famous multinational Thales Group. The multi-site, multi-activity FM strategy embedded collaborative works with all the actors as well as the best SLAs and dashboards ever developed in the profession in France. In addition of being a real leader, Nicolas Cugier is a thinker and is the French Workplace Environment Manager of the year 2012.”Global FM congratulates all the teams that submitted nominations this year.

Waddell said, “It is fantastic to see the quality of submissions and the range of projects taking places in all corners of the globe. We thank all the associations for their efforts in promoting local projects and for highlighting the great work that is being done in FM, everywhere.”

Keane added, “We are happy to congratulate Global FM on another successful year of finding and promoting the best FM solutions from around the world.”