WINT AI Solution Detects Water Leaks In Fire Suppression Systems

AI-powered technology detects leaks in sprinklers and fire hydrant systems to prevent key sources of water damage in buildings.

Sprinkler systems can release up to 24 gallons per minute, potentially unleashing hundreds of gallons of water in just a few minutes if they’re accidentally activated. Similar to other plumbing systems, they are also vulnerable to equipment, pipe and fitting breakdown and deterioration, which can increase the risk of unwarranted leaks.

WINT Water Intelligence — provider of cutting-edge water management and leak prevention solutions for construction, commercial, and industrial applications — has announced that its award-winning technology is now available and ready to be directly integrated into fire sprinkler systems. This new solution helps owners and facilities managers prevent water damage from the accidental discharge of water from fire suppression sprinkler systems.

water leaks“Fire sprinkler systems are critical for ensuring the safety of occupants, but those same systems can lead to costly property damages if they fire off due to degradation of their pipe systems,” said Yaron Dycian, WINT’s chief product and strategy officer. “When sprinkler pipes age, they can develop weaknesses and minor leaks, and eventually burst under the high pressure of the pressure pump. The resulting damage is most often catastrophic.”

WINT’s devices are installed along the sprinkler supply and can detect exceptionally low drip rates. The AI technology and machine learning capabilities provide intelligent monitoring and alert in real-time when the tiniest leaks start so that corrective action can be taken before catastrophe strikes.

“We’re thrilled to add this new offering to our portfolio of solutions,” Dycian said. “Now, we can help protect and maintain the reliability of this critical building safety system and prevent it from unnecessarily causing massive damage to the facility.”

With WINT’s advanced water-flow analysis, facility managers can avoid costs associated with remediation, repair, and increased insurance premiums. Moreover, the WINT solution can cut ongoing water consumption and waste by 20%-25% to reduce operational expenses and reduce facilities’ environmental footprint.

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