WINT Partners With Insurance Broker To Prevent Water Damage

The AI-based leak prevention provider has teamed with Howden to equip building owners with this technology.

WINT Water Intelligence, a provider of cutting-edge leak prevention and water management solutions, has partnered with the global specialty insurance broker Howden. WINT and Howden will deliver AI-powered technology to commercial building owners to help prevent water damage and reduce water leak risk.

water damage

AI-powered leak prevention technology from WINT Water Intelligence

“Water leak incidents are a major source of cost and pain for owners, tenants and insurers. Costs add up quickly when you count physical damage to property and equipment, lost time and productivity and the overall disruption to business. And water leak claims are a major source of loss for insurance carriers,” said Alon Geva, WINT’s CEO. “As one of the leading insurance brokers, Howden are well positioned to help their real estate customers avoid that pain and help insurers reduce claims levels. We’re looking forward to working with Howden to equip the commercial real estate industry with a powerful tool for reducing the risk and damage of water leaks.”

By preventing damage from burst pipes and undetected leaks, commercial building owners and managers can avoid costs associated with remediation, repair, and increased insurance premiums. Moreover, WINT’s advanced solution helps cut ongoing water consumption and waste by 20% to 25% to reduce facilities’ operational expenses and environmental footprint.

WINT’s systems deploy artificial intelligence, machine learning, and signal processing technology to conduct real-time water-flow analysis and identify leaks at their source. When WINT detects a leak, it alerts staff and can apply flexible action policies to automatically shut off water supplies. In-depth data and remote cellular access allow building owners, facility managers, and maintenance staff to take preventive action on small, undetected leaks or immediately shut off the water supply in the case of a burst pipe or other major incident.

Howden provides insurance broking, risk management and claims consulting services in more than 90 countries and territories, with more than $7 billion of premium placed worldwide each year.

“Howden has always put our clients first,” said David Sabine, Associate Director, Real Estate Practice at Howden. “Our focus on customer satisfaction is an essential part of the company’s character and success. Partnering with WINT provides our real‑estate customers industry leading technology to manage escape-of-water risks and gives them the peace of mind that they are safe from the pains of unpleasant or catastrophic leak events.”