Wire Guards Help Protect Expensive Equipment Against Vandalism

STI announced its line of wire guards for protection against vandalism, accidental damage, misuse, and theft.


STI Wire Guards
STI Wire Guards

Safety Technology International (STI) announced its line of wire guards for protection against vandalism and theft. Security threats to property can make a building susceptible to loss or damage caused by these crimes and a building’s weaknesses largely depend on the structure itself and how well its essential equipment is protected.

STI’s product is designed to mitigate the threat of equipment impairment by being proactive and counteracting a building’s weaknesses with its highly durable wire guards. The cages offer front-line protection to vulnerable devices and help prevent vandalism, accidental damage, misuse, and theft. Not only that, but in busy environments, it is easy for critical safety devices installed on the walls and ceilings to get damaged accidentally, and such broken equipment can pose an increased threat to facilities and visitors’ wellbeing.

Constructed of 9-gauge steel wire coated with corrosion resistant polyester, stainless steel, or cold-rolled steel, STI’s cages help ensure protected devices are operational and increase the productivity of the units. They also help decrease maintenance costs, reduce time spent replacing broken or stolen units, and waiting for parts to arrive.

STI offers wire guards in numerous models and sizes to protect smoke detectors, horns/strobes/speakers, clocks/bells, exit signs, motion detectors, clocks, speakers, and more. Several units are UL/cUL Listed.

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