Wooster Anti-Slip Safety Coating Systems

Safety coating systems for pedestrian and vehicle traction.

Anti-slip safety coating systems from Wooster Products Inc. provide traction for pedestrians and vehicles. They are designed for application to a variety of substrates and will not crack or separate from the substrate when subjected to reasonable flexing, thermal shock, or impact.safety coating

Safe-Stride® Acrylic and Safe-Stride® Oil Base are specially formulated anti-slip safety paints that contain grit to help provide a tough, sure-footed, and safer-traction surface. They can be used on cleaned bare materials such as wood, metal (primed), asphalt, marble, concrete, stone, and other surfaces for durability. Safe-Stride Acrylic is available in Black, Gray, and Safety Yellow while Oil Base is offered in Gray only. Both are single coat applications and are stirred and applied with a brush or paint roller.

Epoxy WP-70 is a two-part anti-slip epoxy safety coating system for heavy traffic areas. It delivers abrasion resistance; is chemical, solvent, and water resistant; and renews damaged ramps and floors in one coat. A stiff thick product that must be applied using a trowel and squeegee, Epoxy WP-70 is suitable for industrial applications, off-shore drilling platforms, food processing plants, breweries, textile mills, canneries, trucks, trailers, and lift gates. The product comes in Black, Gray, Safety Yellow, and Brown and can be used on materials that include wood, aluminum, concrete, and metal.

Walk-A-Sured Clear, Walk-A-Sured Roll-On, and Walk-A Sured-Trowel-On are two-part anti-slip epoxy systems which offer slip resistance and can be applied to substrates that include wood, aluminum, concrete, and metal. Walk-A Sured products feature chemical, solvent, and water resistance.

Walk-A-Sured Clear offers abrasion resistance and is mixed and applied using a paint roller. It is suitable for applications where a clear anti-slip coating is needed such as around pools, decks, steps, ramps, kitchens, and amusement parks. Walk-A-Sured Roll-On is recommended for moderate indoor or outdoor use in foot traffic applications such as ramps, docks, stairs, and around slippery wet areas. The Black or Gray epoxy is mixed and applied with a ¼” nap epoxy paint roller. Walk-A-Sured Trowel-On is for heavy-duty use on almost any clean, dry surface. It is a stiff safety coating available in Black and Gray that must be applied with a trowel and squeegee (included in kit).