Workers Would Rather Clean, File Taxes Than Attend Office Holiday Party

Nearly 40% of workers are happy their office won’t be hosting a holiday party in 2020, according to a recent survey by Convene.

Nearly 40% of people are happy their office party was cancelled this year, according to a national survey by Convene. Of those, more than 53% were happy to avoid awkward conversations with their boss, and more than 56% would rather clean their homes or apartments than attend their office holiday party.

Holiday Party
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In its recent survey of 1,200 workers, Convene explored how companies are choosing to celebrate the end to this long and challenging year, and how employees are reacting to it. More than half (59%) of the survey respondents reported a cancelled holiday party in 2020.

Of those that were cancelled, 37% were happy to avoid the annual celebration. Here’s why:

  • 53.37% are happy to avoid having awkward conversations with their boss.
  • 36.5% are happy to avoid the prevalence of alcohol and drinking.
  • 34.9% are happy to avoid meeting colleagues’ families.
  • 28.3% are happy to avoid poor programming and bad speeches.
  • 28% are happy to avoid lackluster food

What would those who were happy to miss the celebration rather do?

  • 56% would rather clean their homes or apartments than go to an office holiday party.
  • 41.6% would rather run on a treadmill.
  • 32% would rather give up a vacation day.
  • 31% would rather file their taxes.
  • 24% would rather sit in the middle seat on an airplane.

Some will actually miss their annual office celebrations this year. Here are those respondents’ favorite parts of their companies’ holiday party:

  • 32.8% enjoy spending time with people they like.
  • 21.3% look forward to the cocktails and drinks.
  • 21.2% enjoy gourmet food.

With so many holiday parties canceled, what pandemic-appropriate virtual events would workers prefer their employers to host? Survey respondents said they would like their companies to offer the following virtual experiences:

  • 39% would like giveaways or branded gifts.
  • 17% would like to do an exercise class together.
  • 14% would like to hear from a guest speaker.
  • 14% would like to cook or make cocktails together.
  • 13% would like to do an excursion together.
  • 9% would like to do an art class together

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