Workplace Analytics Support Hybrid Work

VergeSense is a workplace analytics platform provider for enterprises, helping them transform their workplace to match today’s employee needs and expectations. Its AI-driven platform includes intelligent sensors that collect real-time data, dashboards and insights that drive workplace strategy, and integrations with the leading workplace technologies.

Workplace AnalyticsVergeSense workplace analytics are powered by deep-learning sensors that run on a self-healing mesh network and keep information secure, reducing the complexity of integrating with corporate IT. The sensors count people across the office and help to understand usage and occupancy of buildings, seating areas, conference rooms, all the way down to individual desks.

VergeSense technology and data enable users to better understand utilization of space with data around number of occupants in open rooms, collaboration areas, and conference rooms. Sensors collect data on movement of people throughout the space and where people are congregating. Users can know the condition of spaces to determine whether they need to be reset and cleaned for the next meeting, and collect data on how amenities are being used. The technology also allows users to detect ghost meetings and conference room no-shows to make sure resources are effectively used, and collect attendance data to ensure offices are not exceeding capacity.

Workplace AnalyticsVergeSense Entryway sensors leverage an optical sensor to measure building and floor capacity using computer vision technology. These Entryway sensors contain updates to the VergeSense analytics platform designed to visualize capacity in hallways, floors, and entire buildings, alongside area sensors.

VergeSense is accelerating its product development to capitalize on hybrid work use cases that match return to office trends. The company is also strengthening its partnerships and customer relationships with some of the largest enterprises to support global digital transformation.

According to a recent VergeSense study, 75% of companies are planning to adopt a hybrid work policy with employees in the office two to three days a week. How employees use and value space is now unpredictable, creating risk of wasted space that hurts the bottom line. To operate in this environment, real-time data that measures employee office usage to deploy space resources in a forward-looking and intelligent way is necessary.

“VergeSense is critical in the return to work and enables companies to break with the past as we prepare for the post-pandemic era,” said Sheila Gulati, managing director at Tola Capital, which recently led a $12 million Series B investment in the tech firm.

“Our view is that VergeSense is ushering in a new era of real estate—one that is more technology enabled, more quantified, and more predictive, thus arming businesses with better tools to evaluate and plan their offices. This is all to the benefit of employees, giving them more safety, flexibility, and choice in their workplace.”

“When the hybrid work model hit its stride, we were standing ready to assist with the data organizations need to power a frictionless digital workplace. Our rapid growth means faster product innovation to address timely hybrid work use cases. We are energized to grow our footprint and expand our offering to serve our customers both now and well into the future,” said Dan Ryan, CEO and co-founder, VergeSense.


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