Did You Miss Our Six Workplace Technology Predictions Webinar?

Six Workplace Technology Predictions Webinar: Are You Ready?

Six Workplace Technology Predictions WebinarThe workplace today is all about technology and if you’re not prepared, you’ll fall behind. 2016 is the year to get smart. So let this be the year you resolve to make everyone around you, smarter.

Are you ready for the expanding world of the Internet of Things (IoT)? Or the influx of data scientists? What about wearable tech in the workplace? You can’t get to the future of the workplace without a platform that can analyze and report in real-time and give you the key metrics to effectively plan the future. That’s what your team needs, and what it takes to get a seat at the executive table. If it’s not as easy as pressing a button, you’ve got the wrong tool.

What you’ll learn:

  • 2016 will usher in a new generation of devices connected to the Internet, and with them a massive focus on tracking and actionable data. This webinar will prepare attendees for the IoT world and how it will result in better tracking, ticketing and asset management.
  • Collaboration is King in 2016. This webinar demonstrates how dumping your manual processes (email, word docs, Excel sheets, etc.) will make your whole organization smarter.
  • With the dramatic increase in the amount of data, suddenly statisticians – or data scientists – are sexy. This webinar shows how relying on these experts translate and transform data streams into core business strategy to no just plan for the future, but accurately predict it.
  • In 2016, companies will avoid all server-based software wherever possible and opt for cloud-based SaaS technologies. This webinar teaches attendees how to navigate on this new terrain.
  • Mobility is key. If you can’t access the priority elements of your infrastructure online and via app in 2016, you are way behind. This webinar gives workers the tools to be as productive in the office as they are elsewhere.
  • Get ready for wearable technology, asset and building sensors, opt-in mobile tracking or badging, routers etc.

Watch this free webinar video and find what your team needs to get a seat at the executive table.

Featured Speaker

Elizabeth Dukes headshot, from iOfficeElizabeth Dukes
Co-Founder/Executive VP

Elizabeth Dukes is the Co-Founder & Executive Vice President of iOffice, the leading IWMS software for the commercial real estate industry. At iOffice, Elizabeth champions iOffice’s mission to use technology to empower the workforce and the workplace to reach their full potential.

iOffice works with fast growing clients including: Hess, Ricoh, University of Michigan, Zappos, Adobe, BMC and more.

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Webinar: Six Workplace Technology Predictions for 2016