Workspaces: Ideas To Create A Productive Place To Work

This selection of four workspace solutions will help facility managers create comfortable, attractive, productive places for employees to work.

Compiled by Facility Executive Staff
From the June 2024 Issue


This selection of workspace solutions will help facility managers create comfortable, attractive places for employees to get their jobs done productively.

WorkspacesPlumeya Guest, Lounge and Conference Collection
By Encore

Inspired by the delicate bloom of a flower, Plumeya features soft, pillowy shapes that prove to be as comfortable as they appear. Comprised of guest, lounge and conference chairs, each offered in a variety of base styles for maximum functionality.

WorkspacesSander Conference Chair
By Scandinavian Spaces

Sander is a reimagined conference chair. It gives a subtle nod to the beloved 1950s era of Scandinavian design while staying classically modern. With a curved veneer back and gentle contour, the solid wood chair balances its distinct, sophisticated look with all-day comfort.

workspace solutionsOmniRoom
By Mute

OmniRoom is a modular room-in-room system for building flexible, plug-and-play office spaces. The solution from Mute allows facilities to create adaptable spaces with limitless options for quick reconfiguration. There are two ways of using OmniRoom. Users can choose from 100 fully equipped “Rooms” that Mute has predesigned—closed or semi-open areas and space dividers. These include spaces like workstations, lounge areas, coffee points, and conference rooms. All rooms were developed by experienced architects and based on real floor plans. Users can also shape tailor-made constructions. The system of 13 prefabricated construction modules offers countless arrangement options. Each construction can be placed separately or combined with others into multifunctional hubs and easily customized. Rooms come fully equipped with integrated ventilation, lighting, and electricity. Closed Rooms are also equipped with sound-absorbing solutions.

workspace solutionsSmart Pods
By Framery

Framery’s Smart Pod range uses significantly fewer materials thanks to a more modular, durable design. The reduced use of wood, in favor of recycled steel and aluminum, makes the smart pods 23% lighter than earlier designs. As a result, they are easier to build, easier to ship, and easier to install. Designed to last decades, the new smart pods are on average 30% less emission-intensive during their lifecycle and 100% recyclable.


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