World FM Day 2023: Facility Management Makes A Difference

This year's theme, Making A Real Difference, recognizes the adaptability, collaboration and steadfast commitment facility managers have to the built environment.

As facility management professionals around the globe celebrate World FM Day 2023 today, we take this opportunity to acknowledge your efforts to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for your facilities’ occupants and visitors — whether it’s a public school, sports arena, hotel, manufacturing plant, or a corporate headquarters facility.

“Facility management professionals are the backbone of every successful facility,” said Jennifer Goetz, Editorial Director of Facility Executive. “Thank you for showing up every day and working to create the best experiences in facilities for us all.”

World FM Day 2023 Established by Global FM in 2009, the theme for this year’s World FM Day celebration is Making A Real Difference. In his message to facility managers around the globe, John Carrillo CFM, IFMA Fellow Chairman, Global FM wrote, “Your unprecedented adaptability, collaboration and steadfast commitment have contributed significantly to the safety and development of workplace strategies for all those who depend on the built environment.

“Specifically, sustainability, resilience and corporate responsibility are now center stage for leaders worldwide,” Carrillo continued. “These topics significantly impact corporate decision making, and the Facility Manager stands at a crossroad where they all converge.

Watch a video message from Carrillo below:

Visit the Global FM site to learn more about what facility management professionals around the globe are doing on this day, and throughout the month of May, to celebrate the FM community.

World FM Day 2023: Local And Global Engagement

The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) offers World FM Day ideas and resources for recognizing the important role the profession has throughout so many aspects of everyday life. Listed resources “celebrate the behind-the-scenes heroes of the built environment and share well-deserved thanks for keeping our facilities healthy, safe and productive.”

As part of its World FM Day celebration, IFMA produced a podcast featuring Lara Paemen, Managing Director for IFMA EMEA; Rebeca Arguedas, Chair of IFMA Global LATAM; and Ted Ritter, Head of IFMA’s Global Information Technology Community. Listen to the podcast to hear the trio’s insights on how facility managers can get involved on global, local, and industry levels to make a difference in their organizations.

You can also click here to view IFMA’s suggestions for six ways to celebrate World FM Day 2023, including everything from live webinars to spreading the word on social media.

Share your stories of what you and your team have done to celebrate World FM Day this year or in the past, by posting in the Comments section below.


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