The World’s Most Instaworthy Tech HQs

The top 3 most Instagrammable tech headquarters in the world belong to industry leaders Facebook (Meta), Alphabet (Google), and Apple.

The tech companies that boast the most Instagrammable headquarters in the world were recently revealed by tech talent creation specialists Revolent. Focusing on the top 50 tech companies based on market capital, researchers compared the number of hashtags associated with each tech headquarters to see which facilities came out on top.

Facebook (Meta) at 1 Hacker Way proved to be the most shareable, with almost 10,000 more hashtags than runner up Alphabet (Google), followed by Apple in third place.

tech headquarters
Meta headquarters in Menlo Park, CA


  1. Facebook (Meta)
  2. Alphabet (Google)
  3. Apple
  4. Amazon HQ2
  5. Sony
  6. Microsoft
  7. IBM
  8. Airbnb
  9. Samsung
  10. HP


1 Hacker Way
Apple Park
1-7-1 Konan Minato-ku, Tokyo
Redmond Campus
1 Orchard Road
888 Brannan Street
Samsung Digital City
1501 Page Mill Road



Read on for more details about the top three most Instagrammable tech offices:

1. Facebook (Meta): At the top of the list, Facebook has no ordinary headquarters. Forget lines of dull office cubicles, the social media giant embraces natural light and opts for an open plan approach—something that is sure to boost their team’s collaboration and social elements. Sneak previews on social media allow a glimpse of the many creative installations scattered around inside the campus, aimed at inspiring employees’ work.

tech headquarters

2. Alphabet (Google): With swimming pools and volleyball courts, Google’s headquarters could be considered more of a resort than a place of work. Come lunchtime, workers can choose from various cuisines, with an abundance of delicious meals on offer that are far from stereotypical cafeteria food. And it’s not just what’s going on inside that gets people talking. The building’s exterior has become famed for having “dragon scale skin,” created by the roof’s silver solar panels, adding to its magic.

tech headquarters
Apple Park

3. Apple: Apple Park has strayed even further from the norm. Leaving behind the classic rectangle office block, the building is built like a spaceship, often referred to as “The Ring.” The glass curved windows allow natural light to flood in, giving workers spectacular views of the beautiful greenery which surrounds the HQ.

Is Your Workplace Instaworthy?

An appreciation post on Instagram can hold the same praise as a compliment. Sometimes even more. If an office block is Instaworthy, a company knows it’s created a beautiful workplace – especially when it’s hitting over 27,000 hashtags.

“Instagrammable offices are often created using various spaces with innovative design features. Most modern tech companies are designed in this way to encourage their employees to enjoy their workspace, which should then lead to higher productivity and make people want to go to work,” explained Ryan McDonough, Interior Design Expert at MyJobQuote. “Modern tech companies are trying all kinds of cool things to make their offices more fun and unique. If an office is a space that looks great and provides something cool and unique, then this is an Instagrammable office space.”

Major tech companies have declared it’s time to transition back to office life, or at least to a hybrid work model. Many workers have obliged, with others expected to follow suit. However, this change has been met with mixed feelings.

Some are pleased, but others remain at the opposite end of the spectrum, resenting their commute to work in the morning. It appears the majority of tech workers fall into the latter category, with about 3 in 5 uninterested in full time office work.

However, this is less likely the case for those heading into the most Instagrammable tech HQs in the world. Leaving the comfort of their own homes might actually be a good thing, and being around innovation can drum up a new wave of creativity.

“If an office is creatively designed, employees are likely to feel more motivated and inspired. Many modern companies have figured this out, and so they are designing their offices in a fun way, with beanbags, hammocks, and egg chairs,” said Ray Sadoun, Mental Health Specialist from OK Rehab. “What was once seen to be unprofessional is now being viewed as attractive as it encourages employees to relax into their work.”

This style of office is becoming increasingly popular among workers. Now more than ever, whether a workplace features fun amenities, such as a games room or comfortable sitting area, can be the difference between whether someone decides to stay with a company or not. A certain office environment can even discourage people from going for a job in the first place.

As companies across the world continue to battle with the Great Resignation, listening to the fact that what an office is like is important to employees is vital. Aside from the fact it creates a workplace that workers enjoy being in, it also communicates to them that their opinions matter.

According to the research, California seems to be the main hub for this approach, with half of the HQs—Facebook, Google, Apple, Airbnb and HP— featured in the top 10 list located in this state.

“Although it isn’t realistic to expect buildings like these from smaller tech companies, it is possible for them to follow the likes of Google’s general approach to an effective office environment. Yes, as a smaller business owner, you mightn’t be able to add a swimming pool to your office. But you can take note of how the tech companies use open spaces and color to create an inviting environment for their employees,” said Jon Flaherty, CEO of Revolent USA.

“After such a long time away from the office, it’s no wonder some workers feel apprehensive about returning,” he continued. “Try adding some of the home comforts that employees are reluctant to give up to make them feel more at ease. Even if it is as simple as some more comfortable chairs in the break room, you’ll be surprised by the difference it makes.”

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