WRLD’s Smart Workplace App

The solution helps businesses improve staff productivity and utilize real estate within a 3D mobile app

Smart Workplace by WRLD (formerly eeGeo) enables businesses to transition to a smart workplace environment through optimizing space and resource usage as well as employee time. It is supported across web, mobile, and VR (virtual reality) platforms.smart workplace

A smart workplace is the use of technology to connect and engage employees within their work environment. It is enabled through a connection of networked platforms, software, IoT technologies, and sensors.

With Smart Workplace businesses can build personalized 3D representations of real estate with seamless transitioning of interior and exterior mapping. The solution delivers clear ROI through enabling employee productiveness and utilizing building usage data through analytics to reduce under-utilized spaces. Maps can be customized based on specific needs, data, and access level, and integrated with IoT data for next-level employee and visitor engagement.

Visualizing the working environment with geospatial accuracy—right down to plug sockets—provides employees with an orientation tool, reducing time spent navigating around the building to locate either people or assets. This includes finding, booking, and using meeting rooms in addition to making use of hot desking environments and key corporate facilities.

The solution encourages collaboration between staff and management to report ongoing service and facility issues within the workplace. This ensures the necessary management team is alerted to problems, faults, and hazards. Furthermore, Smart Workplace ensures working issues are logged and dealt with in a timely manner. Employees that have reported an issue can track the progress in real time and receive notifications once resolved; communication is automated each step of the way.

Businesses can derive actionable insights. By monitoring assets within the premises, usage patterns can be correlated to gain insight into anonymous staff behavior, informing decision making to help reduce costs and minimize resource wastage.

Today’s workforce is ever evolving and contents of the workplace could change on a daily basis. Smart Workplace enables businesses to dynamically update these elements in real time to ensure the 3D representation of their working environment is geospatially accurate.