Your Company May Not Be Recession Proof Yet Your Attitude Is

Across the country, financial experts are debating when the global economic recession will end. One thing most experts agree on is the recession does not discriminate; businesses of every size and industry have been affected by the economy. While business leaders continue to navigate through these challenging times, it is critical to remember there is one thing that is recession proof – your attitude.

Jason Lindstrom, CEO of Rapport Leadership International, a training organization that delivers interactive leadership courses to create enhanced workplaces, advises clients on the importance of maintaining a long-term vision and challenges leaders to keep a positive attitude.

Have an unstoppable sense of purpose. Ensure that all team members have a powerful sense of purpose by making team members aware of the value of their individual contribution. The entire team knows they are there for a common purpose to meet the goals of the business.

Live in maximum mentality. Now is the time to take a look in the mirror and get creative. This is not the time to be safe, comfortable, or complacent. Business leaders need to get out of their comfort zones, challenge themselves and their employees to find cost effective solutions, new lines of revenue and alternative ways to reach customers.

Truly believe all is possible. Recently in the news, there was a story about a woman who was going to lose her house so she started selling cakes. With a positive attitude and strong determination, she now has a successful business and a home. When leaders create a vision and truly believe in it, their team is more aware of the possibilities and opportunities surrounding them.

Think without paralyzing fear. Fear of failure, fear of change, fear of the unknown – all can cause companies not to make changes or take risks. By acknowledging but not fearing the unknown, businesses can identify all potential outcomes and the implications to their business. Fear is a powerful tool when embraced and used to challenge a business and inspire change.

Be in-action versus in-active. In a difficult economy, it is easy to lament the challenges facing a business. With a proactive mindset, leaders can use this time to find opportunities to improve their operations, reduce costs and create new ways to increase profitability. Leaders must invest their time in ways that give them control.

All progress counts. In difficult times, it is important to recognize and celebrate even the smallest of successes. Focusing on successes allows business owners and team members to maintain positive attitudes and reach their full potential.

Businesses that do not allow the uncertainty of challenging times to hinder positive growth rather stay focused on the positive and enhancing their operations and their team, will be poised for greater success when the economy improves. These businesses know a positive attitude is one of their most valuable commodities. And with the right approach, it is a commodity that is recession proof.