ZipWall Dust Barrier Toolkit

Protect areas of your facility that are not involved in a construction project from construction dust with this kit that creates a dust barrier up to 16' wide.

ZipWall has introduced its ZipWall Dust Barrier Toolkit, which provides facility management staff or their contractors a complete kit to quickly create a dust barrier up to 16′ wide. Providing a seal on all four sides of the barrier, this Tookit offers the flexibility to meet practically any dust barrier installation challenge. These challenges may include: setting up a plastic dust barrier, setting up a reusable-fabric dust barrier, creating an entry in a plastic barrier, creating a room within a room, covering a door, or sealing a barrier without tape — to name a few. Construction dust and debris is confined to the area where the project is taking place — protecting other areas of the dust

The Toolkit works with all ceiling types, including drop ceilings. Set up is quick and easy, requires no ladders or tape, and leaves no damage on facility interiors. Each Toolkit includes the following components:

  • Five ZipWall 12′ spring-loaded poles
  • Six FoamRail Span™ adjustable tapeless seals
  • One FoamRail™ tapeless seal 2-pack
  • Four wall mounts
  • Five heads and non-skid plates
  • Five GripDisk™ non-slip pads
  • Two floor adaptors
  • One ZipWall  heavy-duty zipper 2-pack
  • One ZipDoor® standard door kit
  • Two Edge™ heads & non-skid plates
  • One ZipFast™ reusable barrier panel multi-pack with three 5′ x 12′ panels, and one 2.5′ x 12′ panel.

“At the start of every job, a contractor has to determine how to protect their client’s property from dust,” says Jeff Whittemore, president of ZipWall. “With the ZipWall Dust Barrier Toolkit, the solution is easy. This kit has whatever a contractor needs to meet practically any dust barrier installation challenge.”