Friday Funny: Zombies On Demand, Top Cities For Treats

In honor of Halloween tomorrow, this week’s Friday Funny offers you a choice: Trick, or treat?

The Trick

If you’re reading this, and you’re located in San Francisco or New York City, it’s not too late to order a Zombie for Halloween.

Just for today, Lyft is testing out a unique delivery mode. It’s nothing as boring as flowers, pizza, or dry cleaning, however: Brave passengers in these cities can switch into “Zombie Mode” in their Lyft app to request a Zombie to their door within minutes.

(Credit: Lyft)

To get your own Zombie — delivery is free — open the Lyft app, toggle into “Zombie Mode,” hit “Request Zombie,” and a member of Lyft’s delivery personnel will be on their way with a chained Zombie in tow. To see how Zombie Mode will work, watch a demo here.

The Zombie takeover is being held in partnership with Skybound’s The Walking Dead to celebrate the launch of Scopely’s popular mobile game Skybound’s The Walking Dead: Road to Survival. Lyft is also partnering with The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, whose comedians will be playing the role of Lyft Zombie delivery men and women in New York City.

Wondering why you’d want a Zombie delivery? Here are some suggestions, courtesy of Lyft:

  • Order a Zombie to your office and have it attend a Friday afternoon meeting as your proxy.
  • Hire a Zombie to a friend’s house or office and get everyone in the Halloween spirit.
  • Request a Zombie to show up as a surprise guest to a Halloween party and give everyone the best selfie opp of the year.

zombies-trick-or-treatNo Thanks, I’ll Take The Treat

Not located in San Francisco or NYC? More interested in collecting candy than Zombies this Halloween? If you’re located in one of the Top 10 U.S. Cities for Treats, you may want to bring along an extra Trick-or-Treat bag this year.

To create a list of cities where trick-or-treaters will hit the candy jackpot this Halloween, the social network for neighborhoods Nextdoor analyzed data from the tens of thousands of neighborhoods that use the platform’s annual Treat Map feature. Every October, neighbors use Nextdoor’s Treat Map to let each other know they will be giving out candy by marking their home with a candy corn icon. Trick-or-treaters can use the map to plan their routes ahead of time.

The following top 10 list is based on the ratio of Nextdoor members who indicated they were giving out candy on their neighborhood’s Treat Map to the total number of Nextdoor members in a city. Data was analyzed in U.S. cities where more than 5,000 neighbors are using Nextdoor.