NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Pura Finish On Kimball Office Products

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Nearly all Kimball Office products are now finished with Pura(TM), the manufacturer’s proprietary, water based, ultraviolet finish, which includes virtually no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and meets or exceeds indoor air quality (IAQ) standards provided by LEED rating systems and the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA).

Nearly all Kimball Office wood furniture product lines now feature the Pura finish.
Nearly all Kimball Office wood furniture product lines now feature the Pura finish.

Pura is available on nearly all Kimball Office wood product lines, including: Definition(R), Fluent(R), Footprint(R), Priority(R), Aspire(R) tables (shown here), and other conferencing solutions. Like other finishes from the manufacturer, Pura’s durability and clarity still allow for the wood’s natural appearance to show through.

“For 40 years, Kimball Office has aimed to provide clients with sustainable, quality products, and now by incorporating Pura into nearly all wood product lines, we are helping further improve the indoor air quality in workplace settings,” said Steven Brewster, sustainability director for Kimball Office, which is based in Jasper, IN. “Matching existing Kimball Office finishes and protection from pen imprint and scratches are a few signatures of Pura, which is available with no additional charge.”

In addition to providing improved IAQ, Pura’s composition allows for less energy intensive finish processes to help reduce Kimball’s carbon footprint. Because Pura is water based and robotically applied, material overspray can be recovered and reformulated with pure water, to circulate back into the system with new finish.

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