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5 Critical Parts Of Fire Safety

Explore commonly overlooked elements when it comes to fire safety and prevention.

Laying The Foundation For Success

Dawn Borden discusses her experience as a facility manager and her current role working alongside facilities as a project manager.

Six Game-Changing Trends For Smart Spaces

Six major trends tied to the growing automation of smart spaces will develop in 2024, all sharing the watchwords of “sustainable efficiency.”

Special Issue: Harnessing The Power Of Data

Data-driven facilities are embracing AI and other technologies to set up for future success.

[VIDEO] Collect Asset Data at the Speed of Walking a Building

AI powered data collection with AkitaBox Capture. Take a picture of the asset nameplate, touch the floor plan to locate the asset and move to the next asset. Save up to 90% of your time in the field with AkitaBox Capture AI.