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Industry 4.0

How Can Manufacturers Overcome Industry 4.0 & 5.0 Challenges?

New Info-Tech report highlights six core roadblocks that prevent manufacturers from adopting Industry 4.0 and 5.0 technologies.
Environmental Services Technicians

2024 C.A.P.E. Awards Will Honor Environmental Services Technicians

Cintas' 2024 C.A.P.E. Awards will celebrate Environmental Services Technicians in acute and long-term care facilities. Nominations are open through August 12.
Tech Workplaces

Tech Workplaces Still Catching Up To New Work Patterns

Tech companies have led the way in adopting new hybrid work policies, but the industry's workplace design has yet to catch up, according to new research from Hassell and Density.
data center

Solutions To The Data Center Relocation Maze

Some of the most strategic considerations and key steps necessary to properly execute a data center relocation.

Would Your Dog Earn More Than You At Work?

National Take Your Dog To Work Day is June 21. Have you ever wondered what your dog's human career would be, and how much they’d earn?
Alliance Air Tijuana

Alliance Air Begins Building $121M Energy Efficient Manufacturing Facility

The commercial and industrial HVAC manufacturer broke ground this week for its 460,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Tijuana, Mexico. The project will support sustainable data center growth across North America.
USGBC Appointments

USGBC Names Chief Growth Officer, Key Technical Appointments

Additions to its leadership and technical team reinforce the U.S. Green Building Council's commitment to scaling impact and the expansion of the green building community.
DEI, Workplace Injury Prevention

NSC Report Explores DEI, Workplace Injury Prevention

Research examines why diversity, equity and inclusion should be foundational to musculoskeletal disorder prevention and provides equitable solutions to minimize worker risks.
Physical Documents

Are Digital IDs Ready To Replace Physical Documents?

Not yet, according to a recent study by Regula, which found that despite digital advances, many organizations still depend on physical documents for verification.
Mission Critical Data Centers

Are Sensor Issues A Concern For Mission Critical Data Centers?

Overlooking sensor inaccuracy can lead to costly downtime and operational inefficiencies for data centers, warns SCI.

What OSHA’s Walkaround Rule Means For Employers

OSHA's new Walkaround Rule addresses who may accompany agency inspectors, employers, and workers during an on-site investigation.

White House, DOE Define “Zero Emissions Building”

New definition will help U.S. achieve clean energy and climate goals while lowering energy costs, cutting air pollution, and creating jobs.

The Benefits Of Using Insulated Metal Panels In Athletic Facilities

Insulated metal panels are a popular choice for sport venue design because of their strong durability, design flexibility, and more.
Water Damage Restoration

How To Select A Water Damage Restoration Partner

Hiring a water damage restoration company? Ask these four questions to ensure a seamless and thorough response to any water damage incident.
Michigan Central Station

Ford Celebrates Michigan Central Station Reopening

Following a multi-year restoration, Michigan Central Station in Detroit will open its historic ground floor to the public this week.
volunteer opportunities at work

Do Volunteer Opportunities Create A More Positive Work Experience?

Opportunities to volunteer are important when workers weigh whether to stay with their current employer or pursue a job elsewhere, finds new survey.
Adaptive Reuse

Historic Hotels of America Names 2024 Best Of Adaptive Reuse

These hotels are living proof that historic buildings can serve contemporary needs while preserving their timeless character.
AI clean energy

AI Can Accelerate The Clean Energy Transition (If We Train It To)

Artificial intelligence will either add to the burden on an already-strained electrical grid or it can help pave the way to a secure energy future, says ACEEE.
Indoor Air, mold remediation

Is Your Facility’s Indoor Air Making Occupants Sick?

If there’s an indoor air quality issue at your facility, a simple test can guide you to a solution, including mold remediation.
alarm management

Improving Business Continuity Through Alarm Management

If multiple alarms are triggered multiple times a day, it's hard to tell if there's a critical or minor issue at hand.
Facilities Management Challenges, Budget Cuts

Learn How To Solve The Top 5 Facilities Management Challenges

Join us for this free webinar and learn about the five facilities management challenges that are bleeding facilities budgets dry, and how to solve them.
Data-Driven Workplace

Did You Miss Our Future Of The Data-Driven Workplace Webinar?

In this free video webinar, we dive into recent research around collaboration, productivity and the role of the office, and share how workplace data can inform facility decisions.

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