NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Integra Flow By Just Manufacturing Co.

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In response to the potential multi-level flooding liability facing building professionals, Just Manufacturing Co. developed the Integra Flow™ system sink for commercial applications. Integra Flow prevents the expensive and damaging repercussions of flooding, and is available in all of the Just product groups.

This Franklin Park, IL-based manufacturer of commercial grade plumbing fixtures developed the Integra Flow system to minimize the risk of sink flooding incidents and stop potential overflowing sinks at the source. Flooding can occur in virtually any public plumbing installation: classrooms, office breakrooms, hotel suites, assisted living facilities, and dormitories. The resulting damage is costly and time consuming, but it is also preventable.

The Integra Flow System is available in all self-rimming drop-ins and undermount versions of the complete offering of Just sink sizes and product categories, including ADA compliant, Academic, and Stylist version Integra Flow sinks. Additionally, Integra Flow sinks can prevent deliberate vandalism, making them an optimal choice for academic settings.

The Integra Flow system can be a particularly useful feature for undermount ADA compliant sinks. Due to the required shallow depth of the sink, overflow incidents can occur, and the Integra Flow system prevents this. Just provides a comprehensive offering of undermount and drop-in ADA-compliant sinks, with depths ranging from 4-1/2” to 6-1/2”, maximums factor in top thickness to maintain ADA compliancy.

The Integra Flow System is integral to sinks made with readily recyclable stainless steel, and with faucets that are AB1953 compliant.

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