Halco Announces Close of Save a Light Campaign - Facility Executive Magazine

Campaign helped save nearly 10 million kWh of energy in one year.

Campaign helped save nearly 10 million kWh of energy in one year.

Halco Announces Close of Save a Light Campaign

Halco Announces Close of Save a Light Campaign - Facility Executive Magazine

Halco Lighting Technologies recently announced the conclusion to its participation in the national 2007/ 2008 ENERGY STAR Change a Light, Change the World campaign. On October 9, 2007 Halco joined ENERGY STAR and a progressively greener community’s effort to change, one light—one energy saving step—at a time with its supporting pledge. The campaign, sponsored by The Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Energy, and Department of Housing and Urban Development, kicked off on October 3, 2007 and officially came to a close on October 1, 2008.

Halco is announced a total savings of 9,859,848 kWh and the prevention of 14,300,276 pounds of green-house gas emissions as a result of its collected pledges. Among the campaign drivers in the state of Georgia, Halco acquired the third largest number of individual pledges. The company was also pleased to report that it was in the top percentile among other leading light bulb manufactures.

Along its campaign trail, Halco participated in the University of Georgia and Georgia Tech’s Earth Day festivities and actions along with teaming up with Oglethorpe and Kennesaw University with spreading the awareness. Halco acknowledged the Jewish Council of Public Affairs, Jewish Family and Child Services, Smoke Rise Baptist Church, Best of Atlanta, and several representatives and distributors for their combined efforts in Halco’s 2007/2008 Change a Light, Change the World Campaign endeavors.

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