Impact Of HVAC Cleaning On TPO Roofs?

A facilities manager noticed cleaner running down his building's TPO roof, and wonders if the cleaner might cause any damage.
A facilities manager noticed cleaner running down his building's TPO roof, and wonders if the cleaner might cause any damage.

Question Of The Week: Impact Of HVAC Cleaning On TPO Roof?

Impact Of HVAC Cleaning On TPO Roofs?

TPO roofsIs this HVAC cleaning product safe for TPO roofs?

We have thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) roofing systems and I am concerned about the chemicals our HVAC contractors use to clean coils in the rooftop units. While doing a roof walk last week I noticed the cleaner running down the roof, and I am wondering if the cleaner being used might cause damage to the roof. The product being used is ACE Foam-N-Clean Coil Cleaner. Is this product safe for extensive contact with TPO roofs?

Ben Bergen
Facilities Manager
Biltmore Farms, LLC
Asheville, NC

Are there maintenance activities that occur on your roof that impact the roof surface? How do you handle these situations? Please share your thoughts and experiences in the Comments section below.

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  1. When a professional cleaner comes into your home to clean air ducts and vents, that means they will clean all the different elements in the HVAC system. It’s really a nice and helpful piece of info.

  2. Keeps moisture out, yet lightweight, making it ideal for new construction and retrofit installations without adding excessive weight to the roof deck.

  3. As noted by Mike Mendoza in the previous email our product Foam N Clean is a sodium hydroxide based coil cleaner. We concur it is important to thoroughly flush the membrane surfaces after the cleaning process has been completed. Ideally, we recommend removal of chemical residue on any membrane roof surface … regardless of type of chemical cleaner used

  4. Mike Mendoza, marketing product manager, TPO products, at Firestone Building Products, provided this comment:
    All of the ingredients in this product are okay, but the level of concentration of sodium hydroxide is on the higher side. Therefore, I would recommend that you wash the membrane after using this product in order to decrease the level of concentration.