New Pig Introduces PIG Portable Barrier And Sneeze Guards

Facilities can use these easy to assemble, portable barriers to help separate people in lines, at counters, and at workstations.

New Pig recently introduced the low-cost PIG™ Portable Adjustable Clear Barrier and Sneeze Guards. The PIG barriers feature a replaceable clear film design at a fraction of the cost of rigid plexiglass barriers. Ideal for use in: schools, check-in counters, transportation hubs, restaurants, retail stores, gyms, salons, banks, work stations, checkout lines, and anywhere partitioning and dividing is needed, the barriers and guards keep people separated for protection against germs and physical contact.New Pig

Portable and easy to assemble, the durable, lightweight aluminum barrier frame can be put up, adjusted, and taken down in minutes. A fast and effective way to divide queues of people or separate workspaces for social distancing, the frame adjusts from 3.5 feet to 7.5 feet high and 6 feet to 9.75 feet wide. It disassembles into a tote bag when not in use.

The clear, plastic sheeting can be cut to desired length and clamped onto the frame using included clips. The included 100-foot roll of sheeting provides a supply of film for dozens of change-outs. There is no need to repeatedly clean the sheeting like rigid plexiglass panels — simply unroll, and replace it with new material as needed (used sheeting can be discarded or recycled.)

Choose from two film sizes: 3-foot high x 100-foot long roll is ideal for pass-through setups at desks and counters to allow brief interactions or exchanges with people on the other side; 4-foot high x 100-foot long roll is best for standing applications or wherever facilities more coverage.