50% discount for cabling infrastructure assessment

In recognition of National Fire Prevention Month, DuPont Communications Cabling Solutions is extending a special offer for cabling end users who want to reduce the fire hazard risk to their buildings from the accumulation of abandoned cables. Through October 31, 2005, DuPont™ Abandoned Cable Services will provide a 50% discount on an initial cabling infrastructure assessment. After the assessment, DuPont will also provide an Existing Condition Report (ECR) that includes a detailed analysis of infrastructure concerns, a summary of related codes and standards, and recommendations for corrective action.

Pat Lindner, DuPont Communications Cabling Solutions global business manager explains, “There are approximately 60 billion feet of cable installed in commercial buildings, much of which is made with highly combustible materials that can pose a significant fire risk to structures and people. A significant percentage of this cable is no longer in use, or has been abandoned. This simple and affordable service can help customers understand and handle abandoned cable challenges, and this discount offer is intended to make starting the abandoned cable removal process even easier.”

DuPont™ Abandoned Cable Services is delivered through professional auditors, local DuPont preferred network contractors and exclusive recycling technology. The DuPont preferred contractor network is available in all North American major metropolitan areas, including the Washington DC/Baltimore area, New York City, Philadelphia and Chicago. End-of-life and abandoned cables are recycled from the client’s site into reusable streams of copper and separated plastics.

For more information on the program and on this special offer, contact DuPont at 1-866-FUELOAD (866-383-5623).