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This free video webinar explores the benefits, options, and costs of using an explosives/munitions-detection K9 Team for added security in public venues.

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K9 security

Inside and outside threats to workplaces, events, schools, college campuses, and places of worship are only increasing. That’s why it’s critical to not wait until something catastrophic happens.

This video webinar will familiarize participants with the benefits, options, and costs associated with the strategic deployment of an explosives/munitions-detection K9 Team to offer added measures of security in public venues, such as hospitals, businesses, utilities, high schools, university campuses, stadiums, and outdoor events.

View this free video webinar and you’ll learn about:

  • The benefits of deploying a K9 team
  • Cost related to deploying a K9 team
  • K9 team considerations/requirements

A video of the presentation, “A K9 Nose Best For Facility Security” — sponsored by Elite Detection K9 and brought to you by Facility Executive — is now available.

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A K9 Nose Best For Facility Security